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Samad Al Iraqi

The Mesopotamian cuisine has a long history, tracking back to more than six thousand years. Engravings found on old Iraqi artefacts that belonged to ancient civilizations such as the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian, showed some of the recipes that were prepared in temples during religious festivals. Such artefacts are regarded as the earliest culinary art writings in history.

In Samad Aliraqi, we are attempting to offer our dear guests a traditional taste, as well as creating an ambiance from the past through our highly distinguished cultural architecture. Iraqi architecture is not represented by a specific historical period, rather than an accumulation of centuries, which mirrors the unique Mesopotamian culture.

Maskouf Corner

Masgouf is an Iraqi ancient method used for grilling fish. Its roots extend back to the Sumerian and Babylonian times where historical engravings detailing its preparation have been discovered.

Traditionally, freshwater fish such as Shabout, Boni and Yellowfin Barbell (locally known as Gattan) from the Tigris-Euphrates Basin is grilled using this method. The fish is butterflied, marinated and grilled over the flames of fruit-tree wood to impart a delicate and unique flavour from the vale of smoke. We have chosen the finest woods from fig and apricot trees to grill the fish.

Masgouf fish is traditionally followed with dates and a cup of cardamom infused Iraqi tea, brewed on top of a charcoal grill. Iraqi tea is renowned for being strong, rich and sweet.
Samad Al Iraqi
Samad Al Iraqi

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